Civil Works

NAMCEP has the ability to assist the mines with many types of civil infrastructure work that may be required during initial start-up phases or additional ad-hoc work required around existing TSFs.

These additional services may include the following:

  • Construction of new TSFs, return water dams and pump stations
  • Concrete lined solution trenches
  • Floating penstock installation
  • Pipe line installation
  • Siphon decant system installation
  • Design and installation of drainage systems (Under drains, finger drains, elevated drains, cut-off drains etc.)
  • Penstock tower sleeving
  • Piezometer installation
  • Jet rodding of drains
  • Floating walkways
  • De-silting and hydraulic cleaning of silt traps and spillage dams
  • Grouting of penstocks and damaged drain pipes

NAMCEP has the ability to assist with anyone of these jobs however big or small.

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